Construction Management is a professional service that provides a project owner with effective management of the project schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function. This is most often used with the design – bid – build method. Each discipline functions independently within their task while exchanging information as needed. The architect or owner typically function as the hub in this method. 

One of AGC’s Core Values is “TEAM PLAYER”. There must be teamwork for construction management efforts to be successful. Each person must understand their role and responsibilities to the project and be familiar with how the other members of the team function. This includes architects, interior designers, ME&P consultants, life, fire and safety, as well as other key players.

We are well known for our team approach to projects. We understand how to seamlessly support external players while managing internal aspects. Ultimately, the entire AGC team is there to support the project. “The Individual’s reward is earned through team success”.

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